May 16, 2007
Thanks to My Friends
Terima kasih banyak buat semua teman2 yang dah ngucapin selamat ultah buatku...baik yang langsung ato via GuestBook, PM, SMS, YM, e-mail, telepon, telepati .

Mean a lot to me.

You've cheered me up.

I can smile again, even laugh a bit.

BTW, problem is solved (not in the way I want it to be but I think the best thing is just to be thankful that it is solved anyway). I've already known the n, but, now, I'd rather not hope or even expect that it's the correct number.

I just don't think Quadrangle will be a Taurean. It will be a Gemini, just like my husband and my daughter. 3 Geminis in the family. Well, hopefully I, as the only Taurean, will be able to handle them just perfectly.

Again, thank you.

You all make my day.

*Have a nice long weekend*

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