Feb 28, 2007
Sampai Ketemu Lagi, Rani...*besok kan? ;D)
Gak terasa, semenjak hari itu, kita tinggal b2 ya, Ran...

Dan, sekarang aku harus sendiri. Ck! Gak kebayang gimana hari2ku di depan nanti. Mungkin sepi, mungkin garing, mungkin menyebalkan. Hmh...

You've been such a great friend for me. I've known you for only 1 year but it seems like forever. Your kindness really made my days. Especially your "I don't know" answer everytime I ask you what we would have for lunch .

We've shared smiles, tears, even angers (not toward each other, of course! But we do share the same anger at the same object/subject )

This friendship enriches me. And, please please never ever say that I'm your ex-colleague...in the future...I would love to hear you say 'Oh, that's my dear friend' if someone asks you, 'Do you know Nadiah?'

I really am gonna miss you like crazy, Ran...

*why is it easier to say these things in english? sok inggris deh akyu!*

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